The new year is here! Goodbye 2013 and hello to a brand new 2014. So what does that mean for you? A new outlook on life, a new mindset, maybe a new body and maybe a new and exciting change to a whole new life! What you may or may not have noticed is that the SLIMQUICK website and the whole brand in general has received a bit of a facelift!

Get Ready for 2014 with Sarah and the rest of the SLIMQUICK Pure family!

Get Ready for 2014 with Sarah and the rest of the SLIMQUICK Pure family!

Many of you have emailed and expressed on social media the apprehension that you are feeling with the new SLIMQUICK PURE as opposed to our original SLIMQUICK. For instance, what makes this new look different? Will it be as effective for weight loss as the original formula?

The short answer is: YES. The new SLIMQUICK Pure is just as effective at helping you achieve your weight loss goals as the original formula. So why the change? Well, we thought it was important to our customers that they know that what they are taking into their bodies was ALL-NATURAL and has no fillers, synthetic yucky stuff or anything that will prevent your body from performing at the best of its ability.

After all, weight-loss is only one piece to the puzzle of what makes us women, right? We are mothers, sisters, wives, aunties and we owe it to ourselves to be ingesting only GOOD and nothing BAD right? Best part is, we can have all of our weight-loss goals fulfilled at the same time! So yes, you can have your pie and eat it too… but more on that later.

Hope your new year is everything that you want it to be. Please email me at for any support or any concerns you have about switching over to the new brand. I am always listening!


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